Smacq Technologies. Co., Ltd

is committed to developing precise and reliable data acquisition systems and software. We continue to innovate on the needs of customers, and we always adhere to provide customers with the best data collection and automated testing applications and services, to create maximum value for customers.

We offer a wide range of PC-based data acquisition modules, accessories and software. Among our products, the synchronous data acquisition models are the most versatile and are being widely used in fields like power quality analysis and sound vibration.

Easy-to-use data acquisition software allows users to quickly acquire data and observe waveforms without the need of programming. The bundled coding examples in a variety of programming environments allow users to quickly start software development.

Key technology

The company has a strong software and hardware research and development strength, rooted in the field of test and measurement, has developed perfect data acquisition related products and equipment, products can completely replace similar foreign equipment, technical strength by customers unanimously recognized

Core values

Customer demand is the driving force of our development. We adhere to the fast response to customer demand, and continue to create long-term value for customers to achieve customers

Full package mail

All products participate in the free shipping activity, the whole territory of China free shipping

24 hours send out

Guaranteed delivery of your product within 24 hours of your order,enjoy shopping

7 days return

Within 7 days after you sign for product, you can return product under the condition that the product is intact

3 years repair

All products are supported by the original 3 years warranty, for you to save the worry at home